X Coin

Here at SpaceGrime, we believe to be versatile and unique. Our flagship coin GRIMEX is inspired by the cultural artifacts of Earth that spread virally and now we have launched Coin X. This self-burning limited edition coin has hyper-deflationary features and is designed to solve the issue of high volatility seen in other cryptocurrencies. 

Unlike GRIMEX that has a high supply of approximately 696.97 quadrillions, this new coin has a limited supply of 21,000 tokens in circulation. GRIMEX holders had the wonderful opportunity to receive Coin X subject to some conditions. Their vision is to have Coin X be the ultimate long-term store of value. 

To incentivize our community to buy and hold Coin X, we have designed it to have high slippage fees. Due to the slippage fees of 20%, holders will be discouraged from selling. Ten percent of this fee will be burned forever and the existing coin holders will be rewarded with another ten percent. Through this tokenomics, this coin will become a rare commodity to buy and hold, causing the prices to reach the moon. 

Similar to its parent token, GRIMEX, Coin X will soon be interoperable with layer – 1 Blockchain and will be available on PancakeSwap for purchase. As of 1st of June, it possesses a market capitalization of $6,159,695 giving it a value of approximately $290 per token; It has over 1100 holders.

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